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About Us


Dover Handyman are a local team of workers, helping the residents of Dover, Delaware with their odd jobs. We don’t define ourselves to any one specific area of work, instead choosing to apply our many skills to whatever the needs of our clients are. Our sole goal is to be able to help out our town and community, with their individual needs in their homes. We apply a level of close and personal care, which a large company simply couldn’t do. We are able to take the extra time needed to produce the best quality and to make improvements when we can, because we’re not limited by the same issues as other businesses. In fact, when thinking about home improvement works, it only makes sense that it is done by someone with the same connection to the area as you.

These are the reasons why you can be certain that we are a team you can trust, and if you aren’t yet sure, you only need to keep an ear open to hearing our name being mentioned all over the town. That’s because, we have built up our acclaim in the area, by proving to people how consistently we are able to complete their jobs to top standards. There is a reason why we are trusted by so many and we would like nothing more than to be able to show that to you, too. We’re always available for local clients, so when you need any of our services , don’t hesitate to let us know.


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