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Keeping us better insulated and more secure, siding is an important addition to our homes. It plays a key role in protecting us from the force of the elements and generally being an added piece of strength for a property. At the same time, it is the perfect component of our homes to raise the curb appeal and give it a smart aesthetic wrap. It is an all but essential thing for just about every single homeowner in the United States and something which should be given the fair level of quality. When you need the very best installation of siding done for your home, know that you can rely on Dover Handyman to get the job done properly.

Siding Installation
If you are constructing a new home, extending on your current property or simply don’t have any siding yet installed, we will be glad to offer you our siding installation service. You will be able to choose one of the quality siding materials that is available to us and let us know the look that you want to achieve. We will build the installation based of off these, ensuring that it is done in exactly the way that you want. Gladly, we will apply any paint or coatings that you want to have and make sure that each is there to stay. You can guarantee that we will put up siding that you will be able to depend upon for many years after.

Siding Repairs
If your siding has been able to sustain some damage or wear, you could be in need of some siding repairs work. No matter the material that you use, all siding is susceptible to its own unique wearing. To make sure that your siding is working at its best, whilst also looking it, our repair service will be what you need. We will apply new materials where needed and fix existing ones, so that we are able to restore the entire space to its original quality.

Siding Replacement
Sometimes, however, the damage can be too great and that can mean repairs are no longer a viable option. If this is the case then we will recommend you our full siding replacement service. We will source the correct materials to match your existing siding and apply aesthetic improvement work, to restore any superficial damage. Replacing old or damaged siding means that you can give it a new lease of life and guarantee yourself a number of additional years of use.

Types of Siding
Siding has been around for many generations and in that time, it has been able to come a long way. Modern siding comes in a many number of different materials, each with their own look and qualities. We will be able to help you with all of the common types, for both installation and repair. Typical styles of siding include cedar wood siding, vinyl siding, cement fiber siding and aluminum siding. Get on in contact with us about the details of each and to find which will be best suited to your individual needs.


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