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Framing / Carpentry


Dover Handyman is a widely skilled team, able to do many different tasks in the way of home improvement. Two of those skills are carpentry work and household framing. Whether you need a small shelf being put together for your bedroom or you need the framing done for an extension that you are making to your kitchen, you can trust us to handle the job. We apply a superior level of care, being a local company with local values. Therefore, when you employ us to handle your carpentry work, you know you are going to receive the highest quality service which will be sensitive to your needs.  We are the highest rated handyman company because we always put our customers first.

Household Framing
Our team will be more than capable to handle any household framing task. Whether you are making an extension to your current home or are building a new structure on your property, we will build a strong frame, out of quality cuts of wood. We aren’t a conglomerate, looking to do the quickest job, so to see the biggest number of customers. Instead, we will take all the time that is needed, to ensure that every beam of wood is perfectly put in place and will be able to serve you for many decades.

Kitchen Carpentry
If you are needing any carpentry work done in your kitchen, then you must know that we will be more than able to handle any task. We can design, cut and construct just about any type of structure or furniture, that you need in the space. If you are looking for the top quality of wooden cabinet, table or countertop, we are the team for you. We’ll work to your needs, giving you choices of various types of wood, so to achieve the aesthetic and function that you need, for your kitchen.

Cupboards and Shelving
Every room of your home could be better off for having some additional storage space. However, it is best if they are constructed and installed with the top level of quality and made to fit the space that they are intended for. You can guarantee all of those things, when you trust us to handle the carpentry work for your cupboards and shelving units. Using your choice of premium wood and wooden materials, we will blueprint storage solutions which fit in with your space, exactly. You can take full control of how you want to implement your storage, when you make use of our carpentry services.

Doors, Fences and Gates
Doors, fences and gates are three things which keep us safer and more secure, therefore, there is every incentive to see to it that they are made from quality materials and installed properly. At Dover Handyman, we make use of top-quality wood, to build durable and stable structures. You couldn’t ask for anymore, for your doors and fencing installations, so there is no reason why you should be hesitating to get in contact with us now.


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