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At Dover Handyman, we are multitalented and have been able to make a name for ourselves thanks to our diversity of servicing. In fact, we base our services off the needs of our local clients, fulfilling odd jobs around their homes. For us, our sole objective is to be able to help Dover residents make those small but necessary improvements to their properties, as well as just trying to make their lives a little easier through our work. That is because, the pensioner who needs help with putting up their lightbulbs or the new mother who needs assistance staying on top of things, come first for us. We can promise something that big companies cannot and that is a local attitude and personal care.

Therefore, we would be more than happy to come and help you when you need any jobs doing at your home. Between us, we have a number of skills and have been able to apply these to electrical and plumbing tasks. We pay close attention to these, to make sure that they are always done properly and are guaranteed to be fully functional when we leave. The same standards are applied to any building or home improvement work too, whether that be in carpentry, installing new floors or even with helping to paint your siding. You can count on us to always do our best towards completing your jobs and with the following, know that we’re always around to help:

  • Appliance Repair / Installation
  • Framing / Carpentry
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Siding

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